In late December of 2020, Motion Products, Inc. welcomed Classic Mechanics Garage to our team of great businesses. Classic Mechanics Garage is known to serve primarily classic car owners with 60s and 70s American classic cars in need of mechanical maintenance or custom modern modifications also known as Restomods. These upgrades could include modern transmission, suspension, engines and more to make driving a classic car more reliable and safe.

In 1998, Jim Wagner, founder of Classic Mechanics Garage, recognized a need in the Fox Cities area of Wisconsin. The owners of these cars were ready to enjoy them, but needed mechanical maintenance. Soon after, Jim found himself and his wife building an addition to their home for his start up shop. 


Jim quickly found out that his business could really take off, so he moved his work to a town called Sherwood, WI and shared a building with Zero to 60 Garage. Classic Mechanics once again grew into their space. 


Prior to the big move, Jim and a few of his employees toured their current location. The crew couldn’t imagine filling up the entire space, thinking the back corner could be RV and boat storage during the winter months. Then on January 1, 2015 Classic Mechanics moved into their current location. Within just a few months of leasing the building, Classic Mechanics had a full garage, excluding any RVs or boats, and full of cars waiting for their upgrades. 


Since the beginning of his journey with Classic Mechanics Garage, one of Jim’s favorite things about the business is the people. Seeing clients bring in their cars, experiencing a priceless before and after reveal, and then watching the clients through to the end, driving their dream car off the lot is something Jim enjoys most. “Every day here is different, and every day something new is brought to the table,” said Wagner, “with my five outstanding employees, we work to give our customers a more reliable and safe vehicle they can enjoy.” More recently, Classic Mechanics has taken on full restorations as well as restoring motorcycles and vintage snowmobiles. 


2020 was one of the best years for Classic Mechanics Garage. “People wanted to get out and drive during the warmer months of the pandemic,” said Wagner. Supporting summer drivers is something Classic Mechanics does best. During the winter months, Jim and his crew will work to get cars running again for their owners to enjoy in summer. 


One thing that has surprised Wagner over the years is how many cars come through that have original owners, or have been in the family since the car was driven off the car lot, brand new. These projects are not only special to the clients, but to the team at Classic Mechanics Garage. They want to give the car the top notch service it deserves so the owners are 100% happy with their final project. 


The new relationship between Motion Products, Inc. and Classic Mechanics Garage will allow our teams to come together and serve a wider variety of clients together. “I’m excited to work with a new market, and car collectors, and I’m excited to see my employees continue on with Classic Mechanics Garage and succeed”, said Wagner. Motion Products, Inc. is very fortunate to have this addition to our growing team!

Check out Classic Mechanics website to learn more about their services! 

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