Careers and Internships

Careers and Internships

Exciting challenges present themselves every day at MPI. The quest for full authenticity is daunting, but looking back on what we’ve accomplished we have certainly increased our capabilities. Having the opportunity to take on these challenges and solving the objectives is where our team thrives. Our employee’s aim to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and their cars every day.

Together we are better, and the hard work pays off in every end result. Each and every position is an essential role in the success of our clients and our company.

Don’t Settle for a Job, Build a Career

MPI strives to employ the most talented in the industry. Whether you’re finishing up a postsecondary degree or have the experience, we are always searching for a talented hand to join our team. We’re centrally located in Neenah, WI, and provide a competitive compensation with benefits for our full time positions.

MPI’s atmosphere is a positive space for everyone to work. During your time here, we coach you to be your best, and recognize the opportunity to add a valuable asset to our team.

Feel free to reach out, we’d love to meet you! Email [email protected] with your career inquiries.

Specialty Areas Include

  • Coach Building
  • Engine Building
  • Paint and Body Refinishing
  • Upholstery
  • Mechanical Services
  • Component Restoration
  • Research
  • Event Support
  • Logistics
  • Parts Acquisition

If you have any questions about our specialty areas, please contact us today! The more specific positions we are looking to fill are briefly described below.

Open Positions

Motion Products Inc. has immediate openings for the following full-time positions. We are looking for qualified candidates with experience working in independent repair shops with an emphasis in foreign cars. Persons should hold such qualities including great attention to detail and meticulous organization skills.

Job Details that apply to all positions:

Competitive Wages

  • Compensation is based on experience
  • MPI will consider reimbursement of relocation expenses for the right candidate

Job type

  •  Full-time
  • 40 hour work week


  • Health insurance
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401K Matching Program

Supplemental Pay:

  • Bonus pay


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

Employees must provide basic tools based on position, heavy equipment and special tooling provided.

Metal Fabrication Technician Job Description:



  • Metal work and fabrication : 5 years (Preferred)
  • Experience with welding: Tig welding aluminium, Torch welding aluminum, and steel is a plus
  • Experience with working with english wheel and power hammer

Key requirements include but are not limited to:

Metal Fabrication technicians require at least three years experience in a professional setting and are expected to be familiar with job-specific equipment such as how to operate the english wheel, power hammer, shrinker/stretcher, and other basic metal shaping tools .

Key responsibilities:

– Inspecting the raw metal form of the body of vehicles; and using techniques to shape the body of vehicles to the most authentic point based off of in-period photographs with the help of our research team.

-Be able to repair corrosion issues, make patch panels and fabricate new body panels.

Be able to achieve quality finishes in metal work.

-Strong communication skills with various other departments of the restoration process

General Mechanic Technician Job Description:


  • Experience:
    • Relevant shop experience, 3 years (Preferred)
    • Maintenance, 3 years (Preferred)
    • Service Technician, 3 years (Preferred) 

Key requirements include but are not limited to:

General mechanical technician require at three years of shop experience  and are expected to be familiar with  job-specific equipment such as how to operate machining tools and measuring tools.

Key responsibilities are:

– Inspecting and Diagnosing vehicles; advising on preventive maintenance and factory scheduled maintenance.

– Maintaining vehicle function and condition by listening to operator complaints; conducting inspections; repairing engine failures; repairing mechanical and electrical systems malfunctions; replacing parts and components.

– Verifying vehicle serviceability by conducting inspection; adjusting controls and systems.

– Maintaining company vehicles when needed

These are excellent career opportunities with a high demand for experience in the foreign automotive restoration field. It is imperative to have a highly positive attitude, great communication skills, and the ability to handle and meet constant deadlines. Automotive restoration technicians need to be able to grow and develop within this field, and Motion Products is a great place to get experience with restorers who have been in the industry for 25+ years. Don’t settle for a job, build a career with MPI.   

Upholstery Technician


  • Relevant shop experience- 3 years preferred 
  • Previous experience with upholstery to OE specs or customer requested specifications
  • Strong communication skill amongst other departments in the restoration process
  • The upholstery technician will also be instrumental in the design of efficient work process, equipment and supply acquisition, overall function of the upholstery service, and the development of new business opportunities within upholstery


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)

Upholstery technicians require and responsibilities but are not limited to:

  • To communicate well with corresponding departments such as the metal fabricators, the assembly team, and management.
  • To keep on track with projects 
  • Work with other team members efficiently
  • Requires leather work
  • Experience with researching materials and patterns for interior restoration
  • Piece work and manage projects independently 
  • Using power and hand tools, apply and install batting, foam, poly-filler and cut fabric to wooden framework
  • Attach finishes, including buttons, trim
  • Measure and cut fabric or leather pieces with the aid of patterns or stencils and industrial cutting tools to precise sizes and dimensions
  • Read work orders and maintain database of production status for communication with outside clients as well as in-house sales managers
  • Inspect wooden frame work for defects and make repairs as needed prior to upholstery application and other finish work
  • Operate portable hand-sewing equipment, nail guns, hobnail and tack hammers, hot-knife cutters and other industrial equipment
  • Determine fabric inventory and place orders with textile partner; provide status updates about fabric availability to clients and managers
  • Discuss complications or assembly line slow-downs with supervisors and brainstorm solutions for increased productivity 

Please email your resume to Jerry Haag at [email protected]. You may also call us directly at (920)725-4688 with any questions.

Sample the Real World with MPI

MPI hires talented, enthusiastic and dedicated interns who are interested in specializing in classic automotive restoration. The opportunities at MPI calls for the desire to learn and offers hands-on experiences.

At MPI we offer work in many areas as interns navigate the workplace. We believe the internship experience here at MPI is essential to the future of the restoration world and we appreciate the opportunity to train the upcoming generation.

Motion Products also attends a career fair every February at McPherson College, located in McPherson, KS. McPherson College is known to be the only four-year automotive restoration program in the United States where students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology, business management, design, or communication. While our representatives visit McPherson College, they interview students to fill their internship positions for the summers and if the student is interested, during the month of January over winter break.

We support our interns the best we can to get them where they want to be by educating them in the areas of their interest and where we think they would thrive. We pay all of our interns a competitive wage and help them find housing in the Neenah, Menasha or Appleton area for the summer if needed.

For questions regarding the internship program, please email [email protected].

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