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Motion Products, Inc. is committed to fully understanding the goals and expectations of their clients with each classic car restoration project they take on. With the help of our experienced in-house restoration crew, we provide you with award winning service and recommendations to meet your specific objectives. Furthermore, all our work is completed in the most secure environment possible to protect your investment.

We work directly with each client and are completely committed to ensuring each project is well cared for and completed to their specifications. Whether you're looking for maintenance repairs, storage, or full body-off restoration, our team of over forty highly skilled classic car restoration technicians are ready for any challenge.

At MPI, we have developed and refined a restoration process that continually exceeds expectations. We have crafted a phase-based process which allows us to work with different aspects of your classic car simultaneously. Our eleven phases of restoration have been created to utilize our facilities and apply our capabilities in the most efficient and effective way possible. This approach allows us to complete your project in time frames few can match.

In-House Capabilities

Founded over 30 years ago out of a small garage in rural Wisconsin, Motion Products, Inc. has become a world-renowned name for all things classic Italian cars. With one of the most extensive car restoration shops in the nation, our capabilities allow us to complete over 98% of the project in-house.
MPI is made up of 45 experts in 75,000 sq. ft. of space to service cars and their owners worldwide. With 100’s of awards to our name on more than 500 cars and counting, Motion Products, Inc. is a true leader in classic Italian car restorations.

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The MPI Restoration Process

11 Phases of Restoration


Phase 1 - Intake

During the intake process we invite you to visit our facilities to meet our team members before sitting down together to review your vehicle goals and objectives. If you are unable to meet on-site it’s not a problem. We’ll work with you to schedule a video chat or conference call.

We integrate your requests and vehicle needs to understand the scope of the project. Through this initial step we identify challenges, set preliminary scheduling, photograph the vehicle and order required materials prior to the disassembly phase.


Phase 2 - Disassembly

This step includes the removal and evaluation of all vehicle components, fasteners and parts to identify correct and incorrect items. Within this phase we also delegate all internal accountabilities and draft initial part and material orders.


Phase 3 - Components

Any part which is more complex than a standard fastener is considered a component. All components are reconditioned in-house and bench tested prior to reassembly. This process begins after disassembly and is carried out through the assembly phase.


Phase 4 - Paint 1

Paint 1 is our paint removal process which is based on project requirements and can include chemical, mechanical and blasted media processes.


Phase 5 - Metal Fabrication

As we outline and begin overall repairs to be performed to the body and trim components, the metal fabrication phase begins. We execute corrosion repairs, panel form corrections as well as fit doors, lids, glass and trim. The suspension can also be fitted with the wheels and tires to verify clearances as required. This is an excellent opportunity to visit our facility and see your vehicle in its raw form.


Phase 6 - Trim

In order to expedite our processes more efficiently, we perform the metal fabrication and trim phases simultaneously. All notations made during the intake phase are applied to pre-fitted trim components and any adjustments or repairs are completed.


Phase 7 - Paint 2

This phase involves the painting of the inner body, exterior body and chassis. Prior to the color application there are a number of “pre” paint steps that are performed to ensure our quality standards are met.

First, we apply corrosion prevention of bare metal surfaces. Following that, an epoxy coating before any filler work is completed. We painstakingly weld seams, and any repairs are treated to prevent flaws in the final color coat. Additionally, a final fitting is performed with any rough fit trim prior to final color application. Finally, a color coat application is applied to the primary polish.


Phase 8 - Assembly

The assembly process is where our team’s effort starts coming together. As it implies, this is the phase where all the repaired parts of the vehicle are put back together.


Phase 9 - Upholstery

As early as our first meeting, we work with you to make carpet and leather decisions. While components of upholstery take place throughout the restoration process, after the Assembly phase is when we can make advancements on further details relating to the interior of your classic car. This is another great time to see the progress of your classic car before the final reveal.


Phase 10 - Refinement

Our rule of thumb is 5/50/500. We test drive your finished vehicle these distances with full safety inspections and tuning minded alterations performed between 5 and 50 miles. Once we have covered 500 miles, your vehicle will perform as intended by the original manufacturer. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this phase due to how it affects your impression of the vehicle’s place in your collection and our overall service.


Phase 11 - Release

We are honored and respect the opportunity to re-introduce you to your vehicle at the venue of your choosing. Many of our projects have debuted at major concours events around the world. If rejoining your collection is its final destination, logistical arrangements can be made and carried out by our team. We also provide a customized portfolio of relevant photographs and documents of your restored car.

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If your classic car needs a full restoration, maintenance work or if you're unsure please contact us. Our technicians can work with you to get you the information you need to make a decision. Call us at (920)725-4688 or email us at [email protected]. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have!

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We have a very close relationship with some of the best companies in the business. These other great companies are forward-thinking manufacturers and suppliers that help keep us up to date with your current needs. Whether your car is from the ’50s, the present, or anywhere in between, we can take care of you.