Service and Maintenance

Automotive Service and Supercar Maintenance

When it comes to automotive service and supercar maintenance, you can trust MPI. We specialize in vintage sports cars and complete services on vintage or modern vehicles. Our mechanics have the knowledge and experience to get your vehicle back on the road.

Maintenance Services

MPI performs a wide range of services including oil changes, fluid services, check engine light diagnostics and more.

Some of the services we offer include:

Contact us for a full list of service options.

We use top of the line oil filters and Pakelo motor oil. These materials are all OEM standard materials to ensure that your engine will run as it should.

Other fluid services include flushing the brake system, the differential, transmissions/transaxle, and cooling systems.

We can also perform diagnostic tuning, engine repairs or rebuilds and dyno testing.

Major Services

We perform major services on many different makes and models. We work with you throughout the process for any of our services. First we evaluate your vehicle to understand the scope of the project before any work is performed. After the evaluation process, we discuss with you our recommendations, but ultimately you make the final decision.

From there, we look at the project from all different angles and our team then provides a detailed solution. With all of our projects, we view our clients and their cars as individuals. We thrive on strong relationships with you to completely understand your interest and needs that best fit you and your car.

Our mechanical maintenance and refinement department faces new and exciting challenges everyday. MPI is also very adaptive when new challenges arise. We specialize in Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, Lotus and more service and refinement.

MPI can help you build a customized plan to get your car running at peak performance. Our mechanics and restoration team have a mission to fuel your passion and help get your car back on the road. Call or email us today with your service and maintenance requests!

Other Services


During a major service, the engine will go through two major tests. Your engine will first go through an engine dyno test and then either a road test or chassis dyno testing. Refinement is an important part of our restoration process as a whole and is typically a challenging task. Our mechanics double and triple check your engine to provide a dependable and safe vehicle.

Engine Dyno

We can test engines before and after rebuild to track advancement. After the engine is rebuilt, it is broken in on our dyno machine. During a dyno test, we are looking at the overall integrity of the engine. This includes checking for leaks and reviewing the overall engine performance before installation.

Chassis Dyno

The chassis dyno allows us to do many different things. We can refine shifting on the chassis dyno, or test for durability, exhaust sound, peak performance and more. This is also a wonderful alternative for when the weather isn’t cooperating for road testing.

Collection Management Opportunities

For clients with collections, we do accept smaller projects as well. If you’re unsure what your collection needs, we can inspect your vehicles to determine what services we would recommend. We offer transportation and secure on-site storage of your entire collection.

Prep Services

Following maintenance or service, we offer to prep and transport your vehicle to the show.

Throughout the event we also take care of all the necessities to give you a hassle free experience. Our team of experts can also present the car for judging if you wish. We also prepare it to leave the field as well as prepare the car for event tours.

A mechanic is also on hand for tours to help with any last minute adjustments before, during or after the tour. We are honored to help you through this time and enjoy seeing your vision become a reality.

Detailing Service

We pay attention to the smallest of details when taking your car in. Our detailing services include an exterior evaluation, finished with a wax and polishing, an interior evaluation, and deep cleaning.


For many years, clients have entrusted MPI with their restoration projects and keeping their classic car stored for the off seasons. We have an insured, well maintained facility with climate control, a fire depressant system and high security. You can trust the MPI staff and facility to keep your cars in shape.

If you’d like your car maintained while in storage, we can perform services in our secure storage facility as well. Call us today with any of your storage or maintenance inquiries.


Our transportation service reaches everywhere across the nation. We offer transportation for service, a show or tour and back to its final destination. Vehicles are transported in an enclosed trailer and can transport multiple vehicles if needed. All of our trucks and trailers are ensured and our drivers are knowledgeable and efficient.