Resources and Parts

With the help of our sister companies, and our personal contact network, your car can be restored to true authenticity down to the exact plates, emblems, badges and more. We share a common goal to get you back on the road so you can enjoy your classic sports car.

T. Rutlands Ferrari Parts

Find high quality Ferrari parts and branded accessories at T. Rutlands. Their experts can also aid your research needs to provide you with the correct parts for past and present Ferraris. MPI has proudly partnered with T. Rutlands to help expand the Ferrari brand and Ferrari parts industry around the world.

T. Rutlands also has great connections around the world to find the rarest parts. After they research what specific parts are needed and possible locations to source them, they work to purchase and ship the parts to you for your Ferrari repair needs.

For Ferrari Parts, please contact T.Rutlands at [email protected] or call (800)638-1444. Thank you!

Kilimanjaro Designs

At Kilimanjaro Designs you’ll find the icing on the cake. Browse through their website of masterfully recreated decals, plates, tags, hardware, tools and accessories for your Ferrari details.

Black Barts Emporium

The little things count at Black Barts Emporium. The Italian company was founded in 1934. Learn more about Black Barts on their website, and let Black Barts take care of your emblem needs for many different makes and models of Italian vintage sports cars.

Classiche Exhaust

We have also partnered with Classiche Exhaust to preserve the quality, sound and charm of your classic car. They distribute exhaust parts for Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Fiat, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more. For any of your exhaust needs, visit Classiche Exhaust today.

Ruote Borrani

Ruote Borrani wire wheels are known for their beauty and innovation. With a history dating back to 1922, Ruote Borrani is the only manufacturer of the true wire wheel. These elegant wheels are state-of-the-art and handmade from the highest quality materials typically reserved for aeronautics and Formula 1. For your Ruote Borrani questions and needs, please contact [email protected].


MPI is excited to be a distributor of top-quality rubber and weather stripping for the most prominent automotive brands in the world. These products are manufactured to ensure a proper fit. For all your rubber and weather stripping, please click on the Cicognani logo, then your preferred brand logo for a PDF catalog of descriptions and pricing on all products. For any Cicognani questions and needs, please contact [email protected].

Pakelo Lubricants

Made in Italy, the oil lubricant specialist at Pakelo manufactures over 1000 different types of oil. As users of the Pakelo oil, we are here to help you find the oil that will keep your car running efficiently. For any Pakelo Lubricant questions and needs, please contact [email protected].

Other Resources

MPI is also a trusted distributor, and the only North American distributor for some of these brands shown below. Together we complete your classic restoration or provide you with the parts you need to keep your car serviced to the highest standards using these well-known, reliable brands.

For questions regarding our partners or the brands we distribute, please contact us through email or give us a call!