We Are The Car Restoration Experts

Making an investment to restore or your classic vehicle can seem like a leap of faith. With the car restoration experts at MPI, you can trust that we will provide you with the best experience possible. We take your care from its current state to the car of your dreams with a one of a restoration.

You can send your car to MPI for any repairs or servicing. From mechanical work to body repair, we are here to help with any project to get you back on the road.

Getting to Know Your Cars Needs

Our experienced research team works with you to learn the details and history of your car. Our researchers take the time to research your vehicle for the most accurate restoration possible. Research and documentation continues throughout our process as our restoration technicians rebuild your car. Authenticity is one of the most important aspects of our company.

Creating an Experience from Day One

Our clients can always count on a unique experience with us. With your continued support, we will evolve and stay on top of our game to benefit you with high quality outcomes.

MPI has the experience that’s required to complete award winning auto restorations and fulfill the needs of our clients. Not only are we advancing our techniques in specialty areas, but we are looking ahead to the future of the industry. We are a one-stop shop for not just Ferrari enthusiasts. We strive to serve the automotive community as a whole.

You can also contact us with your restoration inquiries or review our restoration process on our services page.

Using Advanced Technology to do the Unthinkable

With our capabilities and the relationships we have built with suppliers around the world, the sky’s the limit. We’ve utilized technology to help save time and resources when it comes to detailed and rare parts.

An Overview of CAD/CAM and CNC Machining

Some of the software we have mastered are Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing, or CAD/CAM software. These modeling software functions allow us to model any part with high accuracy saving us time and materials.

Using this technology, we make a digital representation and verify it through our in house research staff. Once verified, we use a Computer Numerical Control, or CNC machine, to produce the part within thousandths of an inch accuracy. The CNC machines help our automotive engineers and machinists with milling and turning to form the perfect part needed.

A Closer Look at the CAD/CAM Process

All design work, engineering and machining are done in house. Creating parts, components and other detailed items for your restoration project ensures our high quality standards are met.

First, we check to see if the specific part we are working with is restorable. We make every effort to make any repairs by hand. If a part is not restorable, our engineers and machinists review CAD/CAM modeling software to reproduce it.

With a sample is available, we can scan the part and create a 3D model that we use to replicate it. If a physical part is not available, our automotive engineers work with our experienced researchers to get information about the part.

Our automotive engineers then have the capability to create a prototype using reverse engineering and 3D printing. This gives us a physical representation of what the complete part would look like. Our engineers then have a digital representation and categorize the part design into our database for future reference and use.

Determining the Best Route and Final Steps

Once the CAD/CAM process is completed, our in-house automotive machining department can create the parts needed. Our craftsmen come from various backgrounds and have many skills including turning, milling, forming, molding, welding and many more. Together, our craftsmen, automotive engineers, and machinists work as a team to produce the highest quality components in the world.

This technique of manufacturing rare parts has allowed MPI to make the most detailed components and rare parts in the world. If your car needs a discontinued part, MPI can create the exact parts for your car in our very own facility.

MPI has the knowledge, skills and equipment to restore your car authentically, down to the smallest detail.

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