Our Process

Case-by-Case Planning

Here at Motion Products, Inc., we take care of business by putting our customers and their cars first. In the beginning stages of planning, we make sure to have a clear understanding of your goals and visions for your classic car and inform you of all the possibilities. Together, we come up with a detailed plan to turn your vision into a reality.


Goal Oriented

Goals and objectives help us stay on track throughout the restoration process. We also want each of our clients to feel comfortable at all times during the process. Whether your goal is to drive your car across the ramp of a Concours d’Elegance or to drive through the mountains on a vintage car rally, we have the knowledge and skill to get you there.

If you want your car to be restored to its most authentic self you’ve come to the right place. We research your car and investigate its history to give you the most accurate recommendations. After your approval, we work with our restoration specialists to get your car back to its most original state or exactly how you want it, down to the smallest of details from knobs and gauges, to the more tangible attributes like paint and upholstery color.

For those who love to drive their cars, we ensure high quality safety inspections on all cars. Using the 5/50/500 mile method allows us to test drive, fine tune and make any alterations needed. After we hit the 500 mile mark, your vehicle will perform exactly as intended by the original manufacturer, or even better.

Equipped with the knowledge of correct requirements to get your car in shape for wherever your goal takes you, MPI is by your side every step of the way.

A Process that Fits You and Your Cars Needs

You can count on us to provide you with a quality restoration that fits your needs. Our team at MPI is consistent with processes such as informing our clients with updates and communicating when there is a need throughout the process. In the shop, our team works well together to restore your car and meets or exceeds your expectations. MPI is also very responsive and adaptive when it comes to our planning and restoration stages.


You’ll never go hungry for updates. MPI will send you photos and written updates of your vehicle when you would like and through the communication channel you prefer. We are familiar with, but not limited to using email, Dropbox and WeTransfer.

As a client, you’ll have an open invitation to view your vehicle in person throughout the restoration process. This allows us to inform you of any updates, discuss future plans, and get your opinion on next steps depending on where the car is at in terms of phases.
A major milestone we like to share with you is during the Metal Fabrication phase. You’ll see your car in its raw form, and we discuss with you any repairs that need to be done and decide how to address those repairs.

Documenting your investment is something we think is very important. For every project we prepare a detailed portfolio specifically for your car with everything we’ve done from research, to intake through all the steps of the restoration.

Behind the Scenes

With our experienced specialists in each main department of the restoration process, many aspects of the project can be going simultaneously. Our capabilities and size have grown over the last 40 years, allowing us to complete 98% of your restoration project in house.

There’s one thing about our company that hasn’t changed and never will. Our team is never done learning about these cars. Over the thousands of hours of working closely with these cars, our employees have built up the knowledge, skill, craftsmanship, and capabilities to provide a restoration that fits your needs.

To read more about what we do in the shop, check out our restoration page, our eleven phases of restoration, or our service and maintenance programs.