Motion Products Inc. specializes in concours level restoration and marque restoration. We know that each project isn’t just about making a car look amazing, but performing at its peak. It’s about breaking down the puzzle, reclaiming the pieces and fitting them back together as originally built while helping you reach your goals to optimize your investment, with the highest quality restoration possible. To achieve these goals we prioritize our clients’ requests, our team’s high quality craftsmanship and understanding of industry trends to gaining the knowledge that allows us to provide you with a one of a kind experience.

Making Your Restoration Exciting and Hassle Free

Over the many projects we’ve completed, we’ve perfected our knowledge and skill that drives our mission of preserving your vehicles authenticity. We also enjoy projects that challenge us to learn the history of different concours, marques, or classic cars and learn new skills and techniques from custom projects.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their cars individually. It’s no secret that the restoration and service on these vehicles is not a one-size-fits-all process. We help create a customized experience for you and your vehicle’s journey.

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Our automotive restorers, engineers, and machinists all have what it takes to get your car securely to events or back on the road. Their craftsmanship is known globally for it’s quality. When your vehicle is finally released, it’s a wonderful feeling for you and our team. We take pride in our skill and we assure you an exceptional restoration. Craftsmanship and passion are strong characteristics in all of our employees and some have spent years mastering their specialties.


The Future of the Industry

The global automotive industry is constantly changing. MPI takes pride in adapting to these changes to give you the best experience possible. From the first 100 point concour restoration at the prestigious Pebble Beach Car Show to where we are today, we’ve grown tremendously. We’ve also established a process that allows our restorers to work on multiple aspects of the restoration process at one time, while keeping your project on a timely schedule.

We also recognize the importance of mentorship and learning with our mix of employees. The quality, knowledge, and skills are being passed on to the future of our company. Some employees have spent decades around these cars, and our younger restorers are constantly learning alongside them. Together, our team shares this passion that drives them to produce award winning restorations and reliable maintenance services for our clients.

We also know the importance of staying involved within the industry. We stay involved by attending concours, judging at shows, sponsoring awards, and donating to education. MPI is committed to helping grow the industry by supporting others to reach their goals.

You can learn more about our team of restorers on Our Team Page.

Technology and Other Capabilities

More recently, we have taken on the challenge of machining rare parts that are no longer produced. Our knowledge of how to reproduce these parts has allowed us to keep up with industry trends while giving us more time to focus on quality restoration and maintenance projects.

The engineering and machining department also works with our talented metal department to take a replica part and bend, shape, and manipulate the desired material to create a final product for your restoration project.

You can read more about all our services and capabilities including: 3D scanning/printing, and CAD/CAM and Machining capabilities, here!