Consulting Services

Car Restoration Consulting

Here at MPI your automotive goals are our first priority. We are honest and reliable when it comes to our car restoration consulting services.

We provide our clients with full inspections of their current car or collections. Our team will travel to view your collection and provide recommendations on which vehicles would be best to restore.

We are staffed with a Certified Vintage Ferrari Consultant and an IAC/PFA judge. If you are looking to purchase a classic vehicle, we also offer pre-purchase inspections.

We also provide routine services on modern and classic cars. Our programs have helped clients with small and major services, while keeping their goals a top priority.

Learn more about our services and maintenance programsĀ here.

Practices We Follow

Motion Products, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years. In that time, we have learned the ways of client service in the classic restoration world. We are known for our upfront professionalism which is an essential aspect of our business. A clear understanding of your objectives is essential to providing you a great experience and overall satisfaction.

Project Projection

Unlike other businesses, concours-level restorations are never a routine services. Before we begin, we talk through your intentions, needs and expectations to better understand the full scope of your project. Once we understand your needs, we start off with the first step of the process, a vehicle examination.


We will present a projected calendar for the types of services we uncovered during the examination. This calendar serves as the outline for the restoration process, including estimated completion of major aspects of the restoration and documentation. This allows you to decide when to visit your restoration throughout its journey at MPI.


Our restoration services are billed as either time and material or a complete bid project. This allows us to schedule payments that fit your needs and ours. As we learn about your goals and better understand the scope of the project, we can determine the best approach. An initial advanced installment will allow us to begin the process and is greatly appreciated.


Our company is covered with well-known industry leader insurance groups. While we are fully insured, we recommend you carry a full coverage insurance policy on your vehicle. This gives you peace of mind that whether it is in our shop, storage or in transit, you’re protected.


Our transportation services reach everywhere across the nation. We can collect and return your vehicle or arrange the transport of your vehicle to our secure facility.

If you have restoration inquiries, feel free to call or email us atĀ [email protected]!