The components team at MPI takes care of all the odds and ends of a restoration. From fuel systems to locks and everything in between, they restore anything that is more complex than a bolt or fastener. The team is always learning ways to make the department more efficient in their phase of the restoration process. Keep reading to learn more about our components department!

A Sustainable Process

After a car is disassembled, the team receives all the components. Their process begins with initial testing of all the components to determine any issues that might need to be addressed when the parts begin the servicing phase. While the parts are disassembled any other issues are noted. The components team strips each part down to bare metal for refinishing which is usually plating or painting. Once the parts are refinished, the components team assembles the parts back together. Motion Products Inc. can find replacement parts when necessary or our experts also have the capabilities to recreate parts that are no longer manufactured (we cover how they do this in this blog!).

After rebuilding, all the parts are bench tested to simulate what their performance in the car will be before they are moved to final assembly. The main goal for our components department is to have all the components for a vehicle completed before the body of the car is on its final stage of paint. This ensures that the assembly team will have all the parts needed and will be ready to go once the car is painted, keeping our projects on track.

Adapting for Efficiency

Along the way there are many common parts the team often sees come through the components department. One way they are adapting is by documenting these common parts with a step by step process to service them. Documenting these processes allows our team to share knowledge, and simplifies the training process when we hire new team members.

A Project Plan to Fit the Project Scope

Components for cars vary from make, model and even chassis number in some cases. Based on our clients needs, we can go as far in depth with the components side as needed. Many times there is a difference in complexity between a road car versus a race car and a show car versus a car that is driven often for the enjoyment of the customer. We take into consideration the quality and functionality a car needs to be at based on our clients needs to meet and exceed their expectations. Whatever your goals are for your classic car, our components team will be sure every part is correct and works properly.

To Replace or Restore

In some cases the projects need the highest level of detail and authenticity possible, especially for projects being presented at upcoming shows. The need for authentic components could be what’s standing between a 100point restoration and a 99.5 point restoration. Our team is dedicated to helping find the best solution by either researching for a replacement part, restoring the original, or fabricating our own part in our machine shop.

When it comes to finding the best possible solution our team has the right connections to find, repair or reproduce parts. Our sister company, T.Rutlands, has helped our team for over 30 years with finding the Ferrari parts we need. If we need to repair or reproduce parts our components team can collaborate with our machining department to create the missing or damaged piece. Our components team also has the knowledge and ability to make molds for many plastic and rubber parts such as tail light covers, cam cover knobs, boots, grommets and more. 


“Those are really some of the projects I enjoy most, being able to say there was nothing here before and we created it from raw materials based on a couple of reference photos is really rewarding,” said Fisher. “It’s nice because then you get to have a bit more of the creative process, going through figuring out how a part works, designing it, and then eventually having it actually work on the car.” These projects are unique and bring a different challenge every time, which in return gives Motion Products the opportunity to expand our knowledge base we are able to apply to future projects. 


Whether your vehicle needs a full restoration or just needs to be freshened up, our team here at MPI can help get your car up to standards. For more information about our departments please visit Our Team page! 

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