Yearly Archive: 2020

Crafting the Missing Pieces from Scratch

The disassembly phase of a restoration is like sorting the pieces of a puzzle. Except sometimes during a restoration you might not have all the pieces. With our recent restoration of the Maserati A6GCS, we noticed that the car was missing the brake drum dust shields for the front wheel hubs based on our previous Maserati A6GCS restoration. Research for Best Results  Our research team went to work to find in period photos of the current Maserati we are restoring. […]

A Closer Look at How Trim Pieces are Restored

Today we are looking at an example of an important trim component and how it is handcrafted in-house here at MPI. Trim can include many items such as the decorative rings around the headlights, side moldings, or even door handles. Then there are other less noticeable pieces like plexiglass windscreens and headlight covers that require the same amount of skill to restore and fabricate properly. These pieces are handmade and restored at Motion Products.  Without trim, windows, and other small […]

Meet the Intern: Drew Bartel

Q&A with the Interns Name: Drew Bartel Intern Position: Components MPI Location: 76  Hometown: Neenah, WI College: Ferris State University of Big Rapids, Michigan During his summer here, Drew Bartel put his college education to work. He interned with Motion Products for the past three summers gaining experiences in special projects, assembly, and now with components, machining and dyno operations. Drew will be graduating from Ferris State University in December, 2020. Keep reading to learn more about his internship experience […]

Meet the Intern: Dylan Riley

Q&A with the Interns Name: Dylan Riley Intern Position: Refinement/Maintenance  MPI Location: Kuehn Court Hometown: Lake Ozark, Missouri  College: McPherson College of McPherson, Kansas Dylan Riley is a student at McPherson College and will be finishing his degree in Automotive Technology in the spring of 2021. This summer he worked at our Kuehn Court location working in refinement and maintenance with Ray Ruggiere, MPI refinement and maintenance technician. Our interns spend the summer months working hands on in an area of their interest. Read more […]

This One-of-a-Kind 1954/59 Ferrari 0432M made Ferrari Racing History

This One-of-a-Kind 1954/59 Ferrari 0432M made Ferrari Racing History  Motion Products restored this significant 1954 Ferrari back in 2014. The vehicle was recently mentioned in an article by HotCars. Click the link above to read about the one-of-a-kind Ferrari!