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Ignition System
Ignition System

We know only too well what a daunting task it can be to find the right part for ignition system. We understand the importance of period correct items and have found sources to import and make the different items to complete your project.


Small Distributor Cap


Small Distributor Cap Boot

Distributor Cap with tag


Distributor Cap Boot with tag

This hard to find period and color correct small distributor cap is imported by MPI from the same European manufacturer as when they were originally produced.

Alfa Romeo and Ferrari


Keep your classic running at full capacity by preventing moisture and dust from entering your cap. This boot is period correct and is specifically designed to fit the small distributor cap.

Alfa Romeo and Ferrari









Ignition Coils



Ignition Coils

#CE1E - Period Correct


Period correct appearance manufactured new with current technology to meet automotive standards. Both B5 and B7 plates are available and will be attached before shipping.







Short Wire Points


Long Wire Points



Long Wire Point







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