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Ferrari FXX    

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Ferrari FXX Inside Out

The FXX holds a commanding position among modern sports cars. It is known as one of the world’s most advanced, exclusive track-only supercars. As the result of Ferrari’s continued development of the popular Enzo, the FXX’s looks are enticing, and its performance is astonishing.

Yet there is more to the FXX story.

Ferrari FXX book leather

Ferrari FXX Inside Out

Ferrari FXX Inside Out depicts the passion behind the car and its track activities. The book recounts a detailed history of the FXX, and it presents an insider’s perspective about the FXX Programme. The book portrays some of the many ways the FXX set precedents to justify its admiration - and also to carry its legacy into the future.

Philip Bachman, known by many as P.B., is a lifelong Ferrari enthusiast, having grown up around an assortment of Ferraris and other sports cars. Philip’s interest in the FXX sparked in late 2005 when his parents, avid Ferrari collectors Phil and Martha Bachman, ordered their “trademark” yellow FXX. He and his parents have participated in the FXX Programme since 2006. At the time of writing, Philip has attended 10 FXX events.

Philip is active in the Ferrari Club of America, in which he serves as a Senior Judge for the Cavallino Classic and the Ferrari Club Concours d’Elegance. He is familiar with Ferraris of all vintages and particularly knowledgeable about contemporary models. He is also a (long-distance) member of SEFAC, the South African Ferrari club. When not involved with Ferraris, he enjoys taking afternoon drives on curvy roads in a Lotus or MINI. His other hobbies include traveling and photography. He and his wife Amanda reside amidst the rolling hills of Tennessee.

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