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Motion Products has been in business for over 30 years and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about the restoration process and client service side of our craft.  We are known for our upfront professionalism which is the most essential aspects to our business. It’s important to us that there is a clear understanding of expectations so that at the end of the project you are pleased with the outcome.

Unlike other businesses, vehicle restorations are never a one size fits all type of operation. So, before we begin we talk through your intentions and needs to better understand the full scope of the project. Once we understand your needs we walk you through our process starting with a vehicle examination.

It is important to note here that initial examinations rarely uncover all needs. An
initial estimated range will be made available however; you can expect the check list of
items to expand as the project proceeds as it is very common to find additional items during the disassembly process.


We will walk you through a “typical” time frame for the types of services we uncovered in the examination. Additional time will be added to allow for down time for things like research, locating or producing parts and uncovering additional needs. If additional needs do arise a new schedule will be created with you.

Our restoration services are billed as either time and material or a complete bid project. Each of these approaches have advantages and disadvantages. As we learn of your goals and better understand the scope of the project we can determine the best approach. An initial advanced installment will allow us to begin the process and once an agreement is settled on for payment amounts, a cash flow schedule will be established. Monthly itemized bills including payment information will be sent, however if payments are not received on their scheduled date cars will be set aside and put in storage until payment is received. It is our policy to provide top priority to those clients who keep their accounts up-to-date.  If a car is sent to storage awaiting payment interest will be added to the bill and in the event a car is in storage for more than 30 days storage fees will also apply.

We recommend full coverage be continued on your vehicle whether it is in our shop, storage or in transit.

An estimated calendar will be generated once the car and first payment is received. This calendar will outline all major steps in the restoration process including estimated finish dates for major portions of the restoration, cash flow installments, photography dates and planned visits. If new work is needed or work is put on hold a new schedule will be generated.


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